Community Support and Projects

Donating clothes to islanders 3
Njemp ambach boat race from Island Camp
Njemp boat race
Omega Farm Tilapia
Omega Farms Fishing for tilapia fry
Omega lab teaching island school children

Donating clothes to islanders

Njemp ambach boat race from Island Camp

Njemp boat race

Omega Farms - Tilapia

Omega Farms - fishing for tilapia fry

Omega Farms laboratory - teaching island school children

  1. Island Camp Baringo is a Group Ranch Project that supports the Island and local communities by providing 10% of the sale of accommodation and food by the resort. Historically this has paid school fees of children of the community.  Island Camp has supported the Health Clinic (before it flooded)  and has provided regular boat transport for the Islanders to the mainland and back.  The resort has supported fund raising campaigns including an annual New Year’s Day Ambach Boat Race.
  2. Omega Farms Ltd.  The directors of Island Camp have established a tilapia fish farm  adjacent to the resort.  This farm is being expanded on the mainland in conjunction with the Ministry of Fisheries Baringo Division.

The goals of this project have been to:

  1. Provide employment and sustainable incomes for island residents (including the Njemp Tribe who were recently displaced to Ol Kokwe Island following the post election violence in 2007/8) by developing a tilapia fish farm.   This has already started with employment of local community members for development of tilapia broodstock and the building of the broodstock tanks on the island.
  2. Provide further sustainable income by hatching, and selling tilapia fry and monosex male fingerlings to local Kenyan farmers who have had fish ponds built through government and other funding.  Provide services to buy fish from fishermen and farmers and process these fish for developing a sustainable market.
  3. Improve conservation procedures and rehabilitate Lake Baringo by stocking indigenous tilapia whose populations have been destroyed through overfishing and lake ecosystem changes.
  4. Develop and produce nutritious fish food that is made from local products wherever possible to support the growing tilapia farming industry in Kenya. We have designed a fish diet for tilapia which is  nutritionally enhanced in Omega 3 oil and other nutrients which will not only improve fish growth and disease resistance but will improve human nutrition.
  5. Develop optimal conditions for tilapia fish farming in Kenya through Dr. Bonnie Dunbar’s position as Adjunct Professor at the University of Nairobi (Center for Biotechnology and Bioinformatics) while training graduate students in  aquafarming, water chemistry, fish nutrition and pathology and human nutrition.  Training of students will also establish a work force that could expand the technology throughout Kenya. We have already four students working on this project.  The long term goal of this training will be to expand to teach rural fish farmers